astrologically, libras are supposed to be the harbringers of magic

so it doesnt suprise me that meesh is surrounded by incredible nature, super famous celebrities, and neighbors like “aisha” who claims to be from sweden and single (pictured).

if america flowed me enough to get my car right now, i would drive to aspen and spend a week this summer with meesh and aisha to support them in any way that they require.

hark. whats this? meesh types, “We’ll be waiting and in dire need of some sexual healing.”

one of the good parts of being as old as i am is once you pass a certain age you start to have control over your emotions, mastery over your body. breathing technics come into play allowing for creativity like you aint never seen before.

can i actually heal? hmmm. thats a tough question.

whats toughest about this all is my mom reads my blog.

i might have to ask my mom to stop reading my blog.

the answer is fuck yeah ladies

why do you think they call it playing doctor.

other problem is some big wigs from across town are looking at this blog this week and i was trying to mellow it out but every time i do that it just makes the writing super boring. and then to make up for it i start cursing like a pirate. all in all you can understand why i cant get a paying writing gig to save my damn life, and why im stuck in this deadend job of saving lives of the good citizens of hell-a county.

today is humpday. time flies for me here at the xbi. i like it and i hate it. i never have any time to do the things that i need to do. and it seems like we never catch as many people as we want to and then its time to go home.

i think ive compensated for that lately by staying up till 3am trying to write something good. but the sad thing is i have such a hard time writing at night that it isnt even really worth it.

saw a little bird today who was orange. but my bus was late which made me late and by the time i passed him i was late for work and didnt have enough time to take his little picture for all of you bird watchers out there in the rock-a-sphere.

jack valenti supporting tim robbins as the baseball hall of shame continues to bungle even the simplest of chores: showing a classic baseball movie and letting the lead actor introduce it. if they cant pull this off, charlie hustle doesnt stand a chance.

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