did a new photo essay

for your collective behinds which you can now find .

one of these days i’ll get a peice of software that will let me compress the images a little more so that there wont be such huge file sizes.

my girl teresa says that shes on a dial up, and i forgot that people are still using dial up.

if i was president i would wire the nation. or make it wireless. one or the other. but nobody should still be having to surf the internet using a modem in the year two thousand and fucking three.

hows a man supposed to make a photo essay if he has to worry about people downloading at 56k?

do you guys have the new white stripes record yet? kate sullivan says that it inspires making out and throwing off of clothes. i have taken two showers with it so maybe the latter is true.

she complains though that because its a double lp that it will cause lots of troubles while making out.

i think the opposite is true.

usually during nice long sessions, it’s good to get one’s breath and reassess the situation. and theres no better reason to call for a twenty second time out than to flip over the red record, or put on the white one.

this gives one time to light up a smoke or take a quick sip of “water” and then dive back into combat.

before the time of mp3s i invested in a sony two hundred disc cd player which came with a remote control.

sometimes i would take a quick break to find and use the remote, but that can come across as a huge buzz kill, and a good boy scout should have prepared a good program order.

now with the advent of winamp there should be no excuse that you wouldnt have 100 tunes lined up starting with the mellow, peaking with some speed metal, and winding down with the slow jams. and yet many times, even with lots of heads up, i am usually bumbling with cds at the last minute asking if one mediocre cd is better than another.

eventually weezer will end up in there, or bjork, or floyd, or the jesus and mary chain, or madonna.

i like putting in the tunes ive never heard before the best.

with someone ive never really known before.

or with someone who’s always new.

katie hall drunk! + splink + new zealand news + linda

p.s. first person who flows the busblog ten bones, gets their link above anna for next week. no pressure, just saying.

[update: John3 wins!]

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