even though it’s gray and terrible

and cold and wet and miserable, im not sure this day could be any better for me.

i got a comment from my long lost pal Meesh (scantilly pictured) who has updated her site with news from her winter wonderland. apparently shes not in the best moods. and she thinks she looks fat in one of her pictures.

oh meesh.

you dont look fat.

do you have any idea how many times a week i have to tell super hot babes that they dont look fat?

if i had a french kiss for each time i had to convince a total knockout that she was, indeed, a total knockout, i would probably have dual US/French citizenship by now.

anyways, meesh, you have my phone number, call me, i promise i will pick up this time. use the 666 number. or the cell phone. whatever. i miss you. im happy youre alive.

be my roommate.

marry me.

bear my babies.

divorce me and sue me for alimony.

reconsile with me after a year or two separation.

break my heart and make it better.

hit me with a flower.

do it every hour.

none of her pictures do her any justice.

meesh is one of these women who float down from Heaven and walk with us, all the time pretending to be one of us, but theyre not fooling anyone.

who do you think youre fooling?

some of these women will drink with you, or toss pills in your mouth, or just smoke to appear mortal but even their bad sides are good.

karisa is like this, and she doesnt fool anyone either.

chris fools the fools, and even fooled me for about a week.

meesh is phat.

i like that.

i miss her. i want her to move back to her daddys house and invite me up to drink homemade tom kha kai soup.

this time i promise i wont say no.


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