how many millions of dollars

did the nba just make?

last night the worlds greatest basketball player wore a jersey that has to be the coolest thing that anyone has seen in a really long time.

not only does it shine the floodlights on the fact that the new Wizards jerseys look like something from the USFL reject bin, but it reminds you how great the old Bullets logo really was.

major league baseball was the first to bring back retro uniforms several years back for several reasons. they wont admit it, but the biggest reason was to expand the demographic (read: get more women into watching the sport at the spectacle of “cute” uniforms).

on certain sundays you could see the Cincinnati Reds in their baggy old school unis which was supposed to be a tip of the hat to the glorious past of the national pastime, but in all actuality it was a great marketing ploy to get marginal fans into the stands, and of course to sell throwback jerseys to kids, fanatics, and collectors.

and since all sports fashion trends begin with hip hop artists, all you have to do is tune in Yo MTV Raps – oh, that’s right they canceled it – or 50 Cent and Nelly videos to see that the ’70s jerseys are all the rage.

ive seen more ’70s go go Sox baseball caps than current ones (who exactly is on the white sox any more other than the big hurt?) so the scam is obviously worth it. meanwhile teams like the Yankees who havent changed their uniforms since ruth and gehrig do things like make green caps or sell the warm up and spring training versions.

whatever, the new jordan jersey is the shit and if my birthday was coming up any time soon id ask for it, but mark my words you’ll be seeing that on every up and coming hip hop artist and wanna-be this summer.

maybe they’ll make a lil one for my girlfriend, christina agueliera.

but one thing’s for certain, it wont look better on anyone other than on mj himself.

pick up your jordan retro washington bullets jersey at your local foot locker soon, right next to the kobe white laker jersey that they only wear on sundays and the jordan north carolina retro for the low low price of $189.

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