karisa thinks i date too many girls who read my page

karisa is one of my best advisors.

she thinks that i should date more girls here at the agency since she hears me talk about them a bunch, and because then i wouldnt have to keep what we do here so hush hush. she thinks that if something ever got leaked out to the wrong person it could be trouble for the whole agency.

her beliefs are pretty much shared by everyone at the xbi. in fact, this is one of the few companies that ive worked for that not only allows fraternization, but encourages it.

we have beers in every fridge. sexual harrasment rules are completely ignored. we even had a sadie hawkins dance last summer and i cant wait for this years one.

any time i go out on a date with someone who reads the busblog they always ask me how old i am. sometimes repeatedly. i think its because i look old in my pics, and i look younger in person.

usually i stick with the tried and true, 109 years old.

most of the girls are a little more persistant. i told one of them if she got naked i would consider telling her my real age.

poof, she was naked.

quite a shock for the people in front of the Orange Julius where we were enjoying our Hot Sams pretzels.

yes, i like to take my lady friends to malls. shut up. theres a lot you can learn about a woman while you window shop with her.

i like to date girls who read my blog because i think its good for someone to know how you think. especially if how you think is different than a lot of the other people walking this crust. not that i think different in a good way different. but it is different.

for example, if someone has their heart in the right place, and theyre coming from a place of courage and trust, theres no way i would ever judge them. so when that girl was back at my house and got naked there, i didnt judge her for how her body looked, etc. if anything her body looked even more beautiful to me because she had less hang ups about it than i do about mine.

im not entirely sure that a lot of other men feel that way. not that im judging my brethren either. im just saying.

have you seen the new J.Lo video? the one where she pays tribute to Flashdance.

the video should be called Assdance because we see more of J.Lo’s famous rear than ever before. and i dont know if it has always been that different than your typical movie star / singer / uber-celeb, but it’s definatetly out there. and to me, i say rock on to J.Lo for having the guts to say, this is me, fuck you if you cant deal with it.

madonna, however, loses points to me this week, by watering down her anti-war video “American Life” which will debut today on MTV.

since when cant we as Americans put out a anti-war video whenever we damn well choose? and tell me when is there a better time to put out an anti-war video than during a so-called war?

the myopic view that supporting the troops is mutually exclusive from not supporting a war is retarded.

and its hella retarded to change a music video because a handful of flag wavers get their feelings hurt that you dont agree with them.

this doesnt mean that i dont still think that madonna is hot, but she used to be the epitome of courage.

now that she actually has something to lose, it’s disappointing that she has erred on the side of conservatism.

therefore i will not be dating her any time soon.


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