kurts not supposed to

but he sent me a postcard from heaven.

he said they have rivers made of chocolate milk with killer waves and marshmellow great white sharks.

and then he told me about the mermaids.

then i got another postcard and all he talked about was the mermaids.

he told me about one who really was a maid too.

wanna see a funny ass headline: click here.

somebody asked outloud in his blog why i do this.

hits? no. attention? hell no. feedback? no.

why then?

to impress the ladies.

the history channel kicked my ass talking about “drugs” and how they became illegal. i learned a lot.

thanks, history channel.

doesnt look like my date is going to happen tomorrow. there was a time when i might have been upset about such a thing. or mad.

i dont get mad any more.

just keep driving the lane. elbow out, head down.

the goal is: fun.

dont get mad at people trying to stop you.

the game would be nothing without them.

dont get mad at the haters but also dont hang on the rim above them like a jackass after youve dunked on them.

slam, point at your teammate, get back on d.

then wink at your favorite cheerleader.

delphinium + sarah + kool keith

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