marc brown threw

a swinging party the other night and sometimes its fun just to watch the guys hit on karisa. ive never seen anyone do all that well except this one guy who whispered a poem in her ear.

its one am. i should be asleep. i only got three hours sleep last night. cuz im a dumbass.

boss wasnt at work today. didnt matter. still had tons of work to do.

this one girl emailed the whole agency saying she wanted to hang out. it was actually super sweet, all in different colors, telling everyone where she liked to drink and dance. its funny cuz earlier that day i wanted to tell her that i really liked her style.

she always has some interesting get up going on.

anyways, she’ll probably get canned for abusing the precious company email.

too bad i dont like to dance.

im up late because the white stripes are on conan all week this week starting with tonight and i wouldnt mind seeing them before i sleep. i must have talked to 45 people on the phone tonight. my lawyer, chris, dude from work, karisa, mary, my cell phone company, ashley, and even raymi, who said shed call me back in twenty minutes and then never did. she was calling me from the kmart.

blonty, where are you?

she had dropped the phone.

im here im here. i yelled in the phone.

keep yelling, im finding you, she said.

help me, ive fallen!

blonty, ive found you.

raymi calls me blonty because my name is tony like tony blair, thus the bl and then onty because thats t-o-n-y all tangled up.

raymi can call me anything she wants.

since everyone is going to coachella, looks like there wont be any raymi party, so i guess we’ll just have to wait till next year.

the cubs are in first place.

i made the best chicken today.

thanks to everyone who added a comment on the thing. experiment complete. it really worries me that it took three days, four days just to get 71 peeople to say something, anything, on a blog comment. it worries me that it might take ten years to get this car.

its ok, ive got ten years.

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