theres a theory that you cant get 71 comments

unless you leave the post up on top for at least a day. i say fuck that.

i say my readers will comment their ass off, and they’ll get as many as my hot blonde blogger friend.

me and karisa are about to go see zwan, if she ever gets over here.

the girl parties all night every night, but the only time she works out is right before she hangs out with me.

every time.

like every girl in america, she gets on the scale and screams and asks for a second opinoin.

so since she only runs through the canyons before she goes out with me, maybe she should hang out with me more.

i saw zwan a few years ago at the roxy. was it with her?

all i remember was i got the lord of the rings guy’s autograph after the show for ashley.


frodo baggins.

ashley used to be in love with him.

i want to have an auction for my upper left hand link.

a few years ago i auctioned off a link from my links page, this year i would like to auction one off on my blog page.

i want to see if Blogshares is right about the value of one of my outgoing links.

it’s a pretty unscientific test, but arent those the best kind?

when ever i get it up, bidding will start at a buck.

the link will stay up for the month of may.

the month in which so many of my good friends were born.

oh, look at this

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