because im usually flying around

when im not and im at my desk the phone rings off the damn hook.

i like people so usually it goes like this. ring ring.

hi this is tony.

tony this is bill pill.

bill pill! how you doing man.

so today it was all ring ring.

pierce here.

tony, agent m.

agent m! good to hear from you.

tony, is it true that theyre firing people at the xbi?

agent m actually works at the xbi and is one of the few who knows my real name. and one of the very few who reads the busblog.

my name is anti.

m, no theres nothing going on here. nothing on that thing is true.

good, cuz i was there on thursday and i saw the boxes, and i was there the last time they were handing out bags of money.

dude, i remember it too.

whats true is its finally summer here in la.

whats true is we’re watching maya on mtv trl from the beach bouse and if i had the life that i think i should be having i would be at the mtv beach house taking pictures and blogging about it for you while spreading good will to men and women of all kinds.

whats true is good charlotte is bullshit.

whats true is ive called this girl three times in the last three days. just as friends. i swear. last night i called to ask her if she would like to go to the pictures with me. each time she says that she is busy can she call me back. each time i say yes. each time i pass out and wake up and she hasnt called back.

you know who calls me? ashley calls me.

in five months or so ive called her once. still she calls me all the time.

jeff tsar used to say something about girls who hang in there like that. he said those were his types of girls.

im starting to agree with him.

maybe i will put a picture of ashley on here one of these days.

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