they had krispy kremes waiting for us this morning as we came into work.

a much different set up than many of us expected.

some of us expected to get the axe today.

some of us got the axe today.

what they did was they moved us from one wing of the building to the other. in order to do that all of us were told to pack our stuff up on boxes and tag our boxes. then they gave us thursday off and monday off for the move.

today we arrived in our new digs and some of us didn’t have new digs to move into. those people found themselves in a meeting in the garage.

when i first started at the xbi i had hr background so they made me do some of the terminations.

the way i imagine they did them this morning was like this:

there was a pile of boxes. there was a table. there was a stack of money. there were guys with rifles. and if i was involved there would have been boxes of krispey kremes.


just cuz we’re stone killers doesn’t mean we have to eat like animals. i mean, really.

anyhow, what probably went down was if your name was on the list they gave you your boxes, they looked and gave you an undisclosed amount of cash and then they shook your hand. if you bitched they’d beat you down and take your severance pay. if you bitched more they’d take your personal belongings and your wallet.

if you bitched even more then the guys with the rifles would blow your knee off.

xbi doesn’t fuck around. which is why i love it here and why i didn’t want to get fired this morning.

problem is im an old man and i have grown accustomed to the ergonometry of my past cubicle and now im in a better seat, cooler window area, but i dont have a sweet tray for my keyboard and my mouse is all fucked up… my buddies around me are bitching too, but we all have to keep in mind that several floors below us grown men and women are taking their money and wondering where there next bag of cash will come from, so we best chill.

i got two very nice emails from readers in this morning’s mail. with photos attached.

i like photos, so thank you ladies.

one of the photos didn’t show me too much about the woman who sent it, and normally that worries me but ive learned to live and let live. she appears to be somewhat of an exhibitionist so maybe there will be more to come. lets hope so.

my weekend went way too fast. doing nothing will do that to you. plus i procrastinated like a bitch. plus i suck.

plus i got dumped.

plus i got sorta laid.

plus i liked her and i wanted to get to know her better.

i haven’t been dumped in a few months so i guess i had it coming.

better in the boudoir than in the bureau, i suppose.

goose + sarah + buffoonery

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