what do you do when one of your heroes

is a convicted purveyor of kiddie porn?

kill yr idols?

forgive and forget?

ignore the obvious?

me, i like to blame the President of the United States.

damn you george!

well its only fair. how many knee jerkers instantly blame sex drugs rock for the decline of western civ? or the fact that their daughters are listening to 50 cent and their sons are dressing like him.

i just want to know where all the devil music has gone to? how come nashville pussy hasnt taken over the world?

doesnt marilyn manson have a new record out? why havent i heard it?

why do i know more about the justin timberlake tour than i do ozzfest?

did you know that american idol was in the top 5 in neilson ratings two nights last week?

this may be a stretch, but through all this am i to assume that pete townshend isnt the only one salivating over children?

the kids write me and send me nice things and they want to molest me, but i just sit in my media room flipping channels waiting for something to entertain me and i just flip and flip and flip until i pass out on my leather couch only to be awaken by my robotic dog, my sole companion who yips when he needs to be recharged.

sprinklers soak the grass, and my window, and my white man lawn jockey.

wind chimes tinkle their tunes in the wind.

raccoons sniff at the buddah bird feeder.

weather vane just spins and spins and the cock aims at the wrong direction making me wonder how on earth can a weather vane be broken?

i hope i get old before i get old.

true boy + oish + the ward + fun squared

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