when im not saving the world

i design see-thru wedding gowns.

vera wang doesnt have shit on me.


yesterday two smart people were talking about me, apparently. how fucked up is that?

i wasnt trying to “out” jason for not using Blogger, since he pretty much outs himself by linking MT himself under “Tools” (meanwhile Blogger Pro is mysteriously missing.)

anyhow, according to his post he and metafilter mastermind matt haughey were comparing me to everything that was ever posted on GeoCities.

ah, flattery.

although now i cant remember even one good thing ive ever seen on GeoCities, minus some PS-1 game cheats, Directv hack ideas, and secret photos from my girl flagrant.

anyway, here is what i wish their conversation had been

jason: pierce is the shit.

matt: yup yup

jason: we found a gold mine, we’re thinking about giving it to him so he would work for us.

matt: fuck that shit homey, we found two gold mines and we have the offer in legal right now.

jason: dont lie, he doesnt even post on metafilter any more.

matt: he does, different user name.

jason: serious? whats his user name?

matt: its on the dl, brah, if you read close, you could see.

jason: we’re gonna get him a car, and paint it so it says google on one side and blogger on the other side, and pay him to drive around and write.

matt: we’re going to get him a hummer.

jason: we already sent christina aguelera over to give him that.

matt: no, asswipe, a truck. we’re going to give him a hummer and have it say metafilter all over it and pay him to do a blog about all the things he learned each day from metafilter.

jason: we’re going to give him a motorhome.

matt: we’re going to give him a motorhome and a driver.

jason: we’re going to give him a motorhome and a home in the east village.

matt: where will he park it?

jason: jersey.

matt: we’re going to let him take over sportsfilter.

jason: we’re going to let him go on a kissing spree. 365 girls in 365 days.

matt: thats sorta sick, yo.

jason: the motorhome chauffer will be a retired doctor who will give the girls check ups right there on the road before tony even meets them.

matt: once again, my friend, you have sunk my battleship.

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