where to begin about this weekend?

heather and steve this was steve and heathers wedding weekend, and my friends have the greatest weddings.

have i ever told you that?

this one was outside, perfect weather, jeff solomon marrying steve and heather.

jeanine made the rings, greg played sweet child o mine instead of here comes the bride.

there was even some secret private super cool moments that even defied physics.

it was beautiful.

it was a rock star wedding were adults wore ties and tennis shoes and the children unbuttoned their shirts and moshed with whiteboys who brokedance.

there was two different kinds of cake.

at some point everyone started dancing uncontrollably to the sweet tunes.

charlie moonwalked. i saw him.

my ex girlfriends were there lookin hot.

they were at table ten with me and karisa and paolo and famous photographer jim lowney who gave me tips.

which i have forgotten

due to the many gallons of red wine i drank.

but i think one of the things he told me to do was keep taking a shitload of pictures.

problem with pictures is they dont tell the whole story.

for example, this picture would have you believe that karisa won the best shoes contest.

but it takes a second picture to show that she only earned a second place.

i find it interesting that every time i go to a wedding, i always end up with the person who most wants to dance.

the interesting part is i usually have a great time.

and im thinking that maybe its because my friends are the best and on occasions like these theres heavy doses of love in the house.

so you have to go outside and put your feet in the fountain.

luckiest man in the world?


greatest friends in the world?


more pictures elsewhere?

yes + yes