HI Tonny,

I link you, sorry to tell you.

Tommy , 21mm

Dear Tommy,

have you not seen that ive been linking you on my upper left hand link deal?

dude, your blog is everything i wish the busblog was.

i love your pictures and your stories and your opinions on things.

how many times have you heard me say that i wanted to learn more about the towns around the world and peoples real lives and peoples real thoughts and see the pictures and get the feelings and feel the rock.

you do that every post and im so grateful.

not until the web could regular people see what life is like in other peoples towns every day around the world, and there you are busting from all the way around the other side of the planet.

well hello my friend from china, greetings from america.

i went back in your archives a little and you have great pictures and im grateful, thank you. you inspire me. you make me want to take more real pictures of the people of los angeles. not just of my friends.

i was suprised when you took offense at the Human Rights report that was critical of china. you say, “In response to the Human Right practice report by the U.S, China released its own survey of the U.S Human Right report, and revealed the U.S’s pride and prejudice. A question has been in my head since, why serious?”

and you know what, if youre saying things are cool. then good. you probably know better than me. shit.

anyways, im glad you take the subway and you take pictures from the subway. i like your english. i like your energy. i like your lo-fi design, and your captions, and your realness.

i hope you keep it up.

but please dont worry so much about america. the bush administration is scared of china. and it wants all your money, which means you can get away with whatever you want.

which is only fair since we get away with whatever we want.

our president got away with stealing an election. as fucked as it is, it was a pretty good trick.

a fuckhead, true, but a successful one, and we didnt even vote for him.

yes we are proud and we bully, and are ignorant, etc. and the guys running the show are some of the worst of us.

al gore wouldnta started blowing the shit outta iraq, trust me.

and he definately wouldnta lied about it to get the ok to do it.

hey, i thought the internet wasnt gonna be allowed in china. what happened?

anyways, happy hello my friend.

i love chinese food.

i love yao ming.

i love jackie chan.

ive kissed three chinese girls. maybe four. maybe just two.

i suck at using chop sticks.

anyways, thanks for the nice letter from another world. thanks for having me be your only link. thanks for taking care of business on that side.

i’ll do better to take care of business on this side.

your pal,

tony pierce

hollywood, california

united states

huge fan of 21mm

for his entire career karl malone has worn the number 32

oj’s number. franco harris’s number. and magic johnson’s number.

for his entire career karl malone has played for the utah jazz.

now that he is a los angeles laker a situation has arisen where karl cant really wear #32 because it belonged to magic and when magic retired the lakers retired his number.

the purpose of retiring a number is to pay homage for eternity to the legendary athelete.

magic, being the sweetheart that he is has given permission for malone to use #32, to which, i assume, the mailman has graciously accepted.

to me this is wrong.

to me so many things are wrong, but i think im pmsing today because lots of things that normally dont irritate me are irritating me.

karl malone shouldnt take magics number and the lakers, and magic, who is part owner of the lakers, shouldnt want malone to have the number.

the lakers should want kids and adults alike to want to buy karl malones la laker jersey. but what kid is going to want a laker #32 jersey that says Malone on the back?

not me.

if im going to buy a laker #32 jersey its either going to say Magic on the back or Ervin or Johnson. it will not and it should not say Malone on the back. ever.

some players have been known to flip around the numbers when they move to a different team.

i think Karl should konsider this. #23 is the reason the karl doesnt have any rings right now. #23 is the reason he had to jump ship and join up his enemy (since he couldnt beat them). #23 is a number that the lakers have available. #23 should be karl malone’s last number in his storied career.

meanwhile the entire nba should just retire #23 like they will once mj gets old and sickly or dies or flies away into the stratosphere after he retires for the twenty-third time.

jaime + bukkake + moxie

5 Million Free Slurpees At 7-Eleven™

No. 1 Convenience Retailer To Serve Free Slurpee™ Drinks, Beverages, Snacks on 7-11 Day

Dallas, TX, July 7, 2003 – Friday is July 11, but at 7-Eleven, Inc. (NYSE: SE), it’s better known as 7-11 Day, and the day the world’s No. 1 convenience retailer celebrates its birthday. This year is no different. To celebrate its 76th birthday in 2003, participating 7-Eleven™ stores across America plan to serve more than 5 million free Slurpee™ drinks and samples of several tasty new products while supplies last this Friday. An extra big bash is planned at a north side Chicago store, where the company will celebrate the milestone of opening 25,000 stores.

On Friday, each participating 7-Eleven store will offer 1,000 customers a free 7.11-oz. Slurpee drink of their choice. The new featured Slurpee flavor this month is Mountain Dew Live Wire. Participating stores also will be sampling Big Eats Bakery™ Dreammm Donuts™, new beef enchilada-flavored 7-Eleven Go-Go Taquitos™, Chipper Snacks™, Briar’s Premium Root Beer and DefCon3 Energy Drinks.

“For 76 years, our customers have made us the world’s favorite neighborhood retailer,” said Jim Keyes, 7-Eleven, Inc. president and CEO. “7-Eleven stores plan to celebrate this anniversary with a special thank-you to our more than 6 million customers that shop our stores each day.”

Convenience retailing began simply enough in 1927 when a Southland Ice Company employee started selling milk, eggs and bread from his ice dock in Oak Cliff, a suburb of Dallas. Since that inauspicious start, “convenience” has become a big business. The small ice company has grown into a major international retailing chain with 5,800 7-Eleven stores in the United States and Canada, and more than 25,000 stores worldwide.

“7-Eleven was the first to introduce the concept of convenience shopping to the public and has grown to be the largest convenience store retailer in the world,” said Keyes. “We look to maintain our leadership position as consumers’ store of choice by meeting and exceeding the changing needs of our customers’ lifestyles.”

Not only did 7-Eleven create convenience retailing, the company also has set the convenience store standard with numerous firsts since 1927. 7-Eleven was the first convenience store to: advertise on television, operate 24 hours a day, sell gasoline, offer fresh-brewed coffee to-go, self-serve fountain drinks and giant drink cups, and sell pre-paid phone cards.

The company’s branded proprietary products like Big Gulp™ fountain drinks, Big Bite™ hot dogs, Big Eats Deli™ sandwiches and Slurpee™ frozen carbonated beverages, also unique in the marketplace, have become part of popular American culture.

“Customers have high expectations of us,” Keyes said. “When they shop at 7-Eleven, they want to find what they need easily, pay a fair price, and get in and out quickly. That’s our challenge, day in and day out – to provide exceptional convenience, product assortment, quality, value and service. A lot of things at 7-Eleven have changed over the years, but our commitment to keep that promise never has.”

since last year didnt count,

it looks like the lakers will get that back to back to back to back championship after all.

i must say that it is hard to root for the lakers since i grew up constantly rooting for the underdog.

pulling for the overdog, and in this case, now, with the uber-overdog is like chanting u-s-a as the american olympic dream team battles the likes of cameroon in hoops.

do i think what the lakers have been able to amass this morning is cheating?

i dont think its cheating, but if i was the commisioner i wouldnt allow it.

it really isnt right.

if you remember, everyone went nuts when shaq left orlando to be a laker and that was pre-kobe, and everyone was expecting dynasties out the ying yang and so far its only been out the ying. but still i dont think its right.

its unfair to the less glamorous teams when superstars say they’ll play for a sole million bucks in order to dish the ball to kobe and shaq.

but i’ll take it.

mostly for my buddy sam who has laker season tickets which have instantly tripled in value, which i will hit him up for next season, since i didnt last season, but i will next season, so get ready, buddy.

and at this time let me tell the lakers that i am willing to play for the lakers for a mere million too.

because i too am old.

and i really would like a ring as well.

your pal,


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