first things first, it was our good pal Matt Welch’s birthday yesterday!

what sort of friend am i to not know this???

me and matt go way back. after ‘nam we cooled off by starting up a taqueria in a sleepy little town called goleta which eventually got shut down when the sherrif found out that we were selling beer without a license which was ironic because the deputy who discovered it had a half chewed carne asada supreme in his hand and was taking a sip of a corona when he asked welch when we had gotten our liquor license.

with nothing better to do we enrolled into uc isla vista where we discovered the daily nexus, the college paper. welch figured it out first, i followed.

after huge successes in college journalism, matt decided that he would start an english-language paper in czechoslovakia way back when it was still called czechoslovakia. i promised him that i would be the arts and entertainment editor but instead i stayed behind in isla vista to be with my then-girlfriend jeanine (scroll down four posts, shes the one im mackin with as welch tries to figure things out).

this didnt not sit well with my bespecled bud, but when he got a chance to meet jeanine and witness our bizarre monkeylove he gave us his blessings and put wade on the job. after our breakup jeanine would end up in prauge with the gang and i would lose both my girl and my pals… but only temporarilly.

truth be told our paths ended because i was being trained to be a super agent for the xbi here in cali. matt and the gang were doing superheroics themseves kicking ass with Prognosis and busking on bridges.

as ive said often, and i will continue to say to my grave, the only regret i have in my life is not following my friends and rocking out in eastern europe to help them swallow pork and quarter beers.

since then welch has made his way back to america but before he did he picked up the hottest jeune fille en france and made her his. and if theres one thing that we love him for, besides Slip Disko, it’s importing emmanuelle who we all adore.

i could go on and on but my 15 minute break is nearly over.

i also love matt because he knows every tune on the guitar that the isla vista posse has ever written.

happy birthday, angel fan, im glad your team won it all last year.

in other news my review went suprisingly well.

strangely i got high marks in Communication but not the highest mark. hmmmm.

all in all they said that i am doing a good job and that im on par to do a better job and that they think that i have everything it takes to be a Leader, which in the xbi is… well, top secret.

thanks for all your kind words below.

now its time to get loaded, as Captain Morgan and his Morganettes are visiting us here in the office for the agency party.

matt welch + emmanuelle + la examiner

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