for his entire career karl malone has worn the number 32

oj’s number. franco harris’s number. and magic johnson’s number.

for his entire career karl malone has played for the utah jazz.

now that he is a los angeles laker a situation has arisen where karl cant really wear #32 because it belonged to magic and when magic retired the lakers retired his number.

the purpose of retiring a number is to pay homage for eternity to the legendary athelete.

magic, being the sweetheart that he is has given permission for malone to use #32, to which, i assume, the mailman has graciously accepted.

to me this is wrong.

to me so many things are wrong, but i think im pmsing today because lots of things that normally dont irritate me are irritating me.

karl malone shouldnt take magics number and the lakers, and magic, who is part owner of the lakers, shouldnt want malone to have the number.

the lakers should want kids and adults alike to want to buy karl malones la laker jersey. but what kid is going to want a laker #32 jersey that says Malone on the back?

not me.

if im going to buy a laker #32 jersey its either going to say Magic on the back or Ervin or Johnson. it will not and it should not say Malone on the back. ever.

some players have been known to flip around the numbers when they move to a different team.

i think Karl should konsider this. #23 is the reason the karl doesnt have any rings right now. #23 is the reason he had to jump ship and join up his enemy (since he couldnt beat them). #23 is a number that the lakers have available. #23 should be karl malone’s last number in his storied career.

meanwhile the entire nba should just retire #23 like they will once mj gets old and sickly or dies or flies away into the stratosphere after he retires for the twenty-third time.

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