it’s nice when the best are rewarded.

ichiro suzuki and albert pujols (pictured) are the two best players in baseball. this year they were the top vote-getters in their respective leagues. tomorrow they will play against each other in the annual major league baseball all star game which will be held in what could be the worst stadium in baseball, bank one us cellular field, formerly the new comiskey in the south side of chicago.

if i traveled around the country i would want to get one day jobs. id like to be a short order cook one day, a waiter the next, a bartender the next, an airport luggage handler, a mcdonalds drive thru cashier, a swanky hotel conceirge, a waterboy, a chauffer, a bell hop, a caberet barker, a seven eleven graveyard shift cashier, a long shoreman, a wedding dj, a girls gone wild cameraman, a technical director of a tv show, a bailiff, the reader of the gospel at a southern baptist church, an organ grinder, a candlestick maker, a baker, a butcher, a pizza man, a 911 operator, a singer of the national anthem, the guy who plays the cds of anthem rock at the basketball game, a substitute teacher, a hot dog vender at a bus stop, a blackjack dealer on an indian reservation, a home plate umpire, a taxi cab driver, a herse driver, a subway sandwich artist, a subway car driver, talk show host, coal miner, fine diner.

voice over talent.

i would also like to do some volunteering.

like at the playboy mansion.

for the winter.

i could sleep above the garage.

walk around with my laptop and blog inconspiculously.

maybe the chefs can teach me to cook.

and hef can teach me to rock.

and the gardeners can teach me to garden.

and the ladies can teach me about the ladies.

tomorrow you should watch ichiro suzuki and albert pujols who you how baseball should be played.

its my favorite.

its the all star game.

noah glass + kate sullivan + 6urn7 10v3

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