one of my dreams is to drive around the country

and visit every state. along the way i think i would like to go to a bowling alley in each state, and also go to a drive-in in each state. i would also like to dare each state to show me a better time than the previous one. i would also like to drink a local beer wherever i go. i would also like to spread goodwill towards men, and greatwill towards women.

i would also like to take a lot of pictures and show them to you.

i would also like to know what youd like to do.

i dated a nympho in frisco (not pictured) and we’d go to the skyline drive-in in daly city and shed attack me and barely let me up for air. i never knew nympos existed but they do. she was sorta ashamed but not really. she reminded me of an alien from another planet. i believe. she only wanted one thing. it was nuts. chinese. nice boobs. cutest eyes and best voice.

lived with her parents in south san francisco and we talked on the phone a lot at first and she would keep asking me to take her out and i would tell her that i dont date girls from aol and she would tell me the things she would do to me and i said hmmm and she would tell me the things i could do to her but all i wanted to do was meet her.

men always hope for control but rarely get it.

i believe she was twenty.

we didnt see jurassic park two we didnt see the cable guy we didnt see a lot of things.

strangely she didnt like being touched.

or kissed.

if i tried to get close she would giggle and stop and take a deep breath and giggle and say one or the other. and i would kiss her and she would say wrong other and put me inside her and say tony.

i cant say that i felt used after a while but i did.

i cant say that it was entirely enjoyable but it was interesting.

i cant say that i would want my sons to experience this phenomenon but yes i can. i would want them to see the extreme register on the vu meter because it shows you that you can eat too much cake for breakfast.

that you can go to the drive in too much.

but the drive in was always nice.

and i miss the ones theyve torn down around this town.

neens + taupe + la encantada

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