1:44pm holy crap!

andrew tobias from andrew tobias’s managing your money is on there.

when i was a lad i worked in an electronics store. this was 1985-86. i was young so they had me working in the computer department.

i sold some kaypro machines, commodore 128s, amigas, 286 machines from zenith.

there was very little software for the ibm clones except for Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, Word, and andrew tobias’s managing your money which was a way to balance your checkbook on your $1,500 computer that was like 512k of memory and had two 5 1/4 inch floppies.

andrew is now the dnc treasurer?

“it is a historical fact that the stock market does better under a democrat than a republican.”

1:48pm maureen white, dnc finance chair is the first hot babe. she has a cleft. how do you describe that? an overbite. great hair though.

shes reading. people should learn how to read better for these things. or how about not read at all. still nobody is there.

1:51 alice germond, dnc secretary walks to the podium and the band sounds like a high school band.

like the weird little jazz band on snl in that one skit, i forget which.

alice has a problem with her cleft too.

this sure is the party of inclusion.

1:56p the executive vice chair of the afl cio linda chavez-thompson is up there.

“im the child of cotton sharecroppers in texas.”


shes got a bright pink suit on. a lot of spunk this chavez-thompson. shes the dnc vice chair. i can see why. she reads way better than those others.

she doesnt like bush cuz hes anti union. a lot of people have glasses im noticing. i thought lasek was more popular.

shes intertwining “this land is your land” in her speech. drink.

shes short.

diary of a lost boy

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