powell for vp?

told you those dudes were racists.


2:13pm new mexico gov. bill richardson gets a great introduction and an even greater welcome. he’s the convention chair and gives a twenty second speech. my sorta man.

2:25pm hilda solis from california taking the podium to talk about homeland security and energy independence is greated to the snl band playing the ventures’ “wipeout”. is that an inside joke of some sort?

she’s speaking spanish just a little too much. drink.

2:30pm the lights dim, the snythesizer player hits a chord and holds it and we hear jfk reading a speech about passing a torch. drink. drink. drink.

the place is filling up.

2:31pm cali rep antonio villaraigosa is on the stage. slick as hollywood.

he’s national co-chairman of the kerry campaign.

“i was born on the east side of los angeles.” drink.

“my family lived in a hard-working home. racked by alcoholism and domestic violence.” uh.

“my father left when i was five, and my mother raised four children by herself.” drink.

“but america has been good to my family. one of my sisters became a judge.” drink.

“another a community health advocate, and my brother, a commodities broker.” boo.

he is talking about how democrats aren’t going to encourage jobs to go overseas.

third time ive heard that today, and im barely paying attention.

he ends with the three cheesiest words you could ever end a political speech with







ive heard enough of the opening act, now im going to fast forward to the big hitters, who tonight include carter, gore, hillary, and bill.

help me get an ipod

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