do you know that tsar is playing tonight?

they are about 10:30pm at Spaceland.

dylan’s band, Shapes of Race Cars will play a little before 10pm, and i feel bad cuz i dont think ive ever seen them.

then Tsar returns to the spaceland stage, which theyve owned since they came out in 1999.

this time they will be playing with a new drummer.

i dont know his name.

i did hear him last night on KXLU and it was impressive, but it could have been college radio trickery.

speaking of college radio trickery, our old pal AJ will be in attendence tonight. and i cant wait to see her.

in other news, anna kournikova and i are officially over.

i know most of you wrote us off a while back, but we’ve been keeping in touch on the dl, and yesterday i legally recognized her union with her man.

we were eating in some trendy place in los feliz and i got it. she loves me, but she doesnt Love me. she wants enrique, the pretty boy, the dude who will do all the little girlie things that i wont do with her, like walk in the park and hang out at her place, and blah blah blah.

needless to say i got it. im done. i hope she and her man live happilly ever after. and i hope he takes care of that shit cuz its good.

and when she drove me home i was a little sad.

so i said, can i feel you up one last time.

she said, over the shirt?

i said, yeah.

so she undid her seat belt and i gave them one last squeeze, and that was it.

trueboy + amy + this is a thing that is happening

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