what would i like to do with my life?

well, if i cant get my dream job, i suppose i will work for the la times, get married, get a mini van, and sell out.

im almost 111 years old.

why am i fighting the inevitable any more?

theres worse things in life than coaching softball on saturdays and fighting traffic to make a school play.

its so weird how those of us who could have the american dream turn our backs on it and try to change the world instead.

in the long run how much more important is identifying the failures of the right (who harp on the misdeeds of Joe Wilson and Sandy Berger while ignoring the misdeeds of the President who is hiding 28 pages of the 9/11 report and Robert Novak who blew the cover of an undercover CIA agent) than raising good strong healthy moral kids?

and going to PTA meetings

and hosting bible study in the garage.

not like anyone cares about fair and balanced coverage in blogs anyhow.

plus, ive always wanted a dog.

a nice big old english sheepdog named Angus who would be too lazy to do much more than eat drink and sleep.

ive always wanted a big backyard with a treeswing and a hot tub.

im sure the la times could provide that to me.

and its not like the world is reaching out to america to be changed.

only problem is im going to have to wear a suit. which in this summer’s heat doesnt seem very fun. even if i look damn good in suits.

but its cool.

only thing im not crazy about is having to work for Tribune Corp.

however after all these years at the XBI, nothing could be worse.

one thing i promise i wont be doing is putting a My Child Is an Honor Student sticker on the back of our Astrovan.

and i probably wont blog.

but first i would have to find a wife, i suppose.

or stickier, putting up blog ads.

or something.

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