i didnt know you could

sell a bank that was being investigated by everyone from the fbi to the 9/11 commission for allowing money-laundering to happen.

a bank whose former manager yesterday pleaded the fifth as a Senate panel investigation tried to get to the bottom of the fact that fomer Chilean dictator Augusto Pinochet was allowed to bring in a 60-pound suitcase to a branch filled with $3 million in cash wrapped in plastic without raising an eyebrow.

but Riggs bank is a special bank. the president’s uncle, after all is the CEO of its investment branch, so when the 9/11 Commission spent 28 pages reporting about how the Saudis funded terrorists through the bank, the president redacted those pages.

riggs bank, who the Associated Press described as having a “near exclusive franchise” on the banking needs of Washington DC embassies, serving 95% of them including the Saudi embassy, the one who funded at least the two terrorists in san diego and probably more.

so special is this bank that the instapundit wont even talk about it. has never ever mentioned riggs bank, and probably has no plans on mentioning it, especially since it will soon just be PNC Bank, and Riggs Bank nevermore.

why does the instapundit take it easy on Riggs?

probably because the president’s uncle johnathan, gw bush’s brother, is probably knee-high in dirt from these dealings, and the attitude has always been from conservative bloggers that it’s not news unless drudge says its news.

and drudge sure aint gonna talk about it.

why on earth would drudge or the instapundit be interested in a once-respected bank being run by the president’s uncle that is being embroiled in controversy and fines and bad dealings?

i dont know… cuz its news. 9/11 news at that.

things are completely fucked when you have to go to the busblog for your news.

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