what’s the special advisor to the president,

karl rove, so cocky about?

doesnt he know that today the Associated Press, after finding out that Texas law requires the Texas National Guard to keep a copy of all Guard records, (in a seperate place from where the feds keep such records) asked a federal judge to order the pentagon to release the documents.

this came in light of last friday’s report that the president’s Guard records, stored in Colorado, were accidentally destroyed.

Not all the records were inadvertantly decimated, mind you, just the months in question where nobody seems to know where the president was.

Some are accusing him of deserting.

Some say he only went AWOL.

Some say the Texas records are in a Texas trashcan.

And yet some insist that the records that have been released are enough to prove that the president served his time. Even if the records that were released are difficult to read.

So i dont know why Rove is so cocky.

Maybe it’s because he knows that no way will the American people blame Bush or Rummy for the attrocities happening in Iraq at the hands of US soldiers who are raping children in such a way that their mothers are asking to be killed so that they dont have to watch their boys and girls get sodomized.

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which is silly because this adminstration has refused to accept blame for anything that it has been responsible for, directly or indirectly, since it stole the election.

setting quite a precident along the way

and almost forcing the pendulum to swing all the way to the left to make up for it.

which in this blogger’s opinion isnt the best solution.

but it is a solution.

and if these records prove that the president was a deserter, i would have to think that impeachment/resignation is only the first step.

court-martial should naturally come next.

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