people want me to get excited about nomar

possibly coming to the cubbies.

im not so sure about it.

the problem is simple, and my pal karisa will be mad at me for it, but i dont want the cubs to be in a three-way trade with Arizona and Boston because sure the Cubs will get a star shortstop and mightilly beef up an already powerful lineup

and they will only have to give up some minor leaguers to get Mia Hamm’s sweetie

but i dont want the Red Sox to have a rotation that includes Pedro, Schilling, and The Unit.

call me crazy, but whats the use of getting a shortstop if it means having to face that firestorm of arms in October?

i would much rather just get struggling shortstop Orlando Cabrera from montreal in exchange for those very same minor leaguers.

and some will say, but the Yankees will get crushed by the Red Sox if they get Randy Johnson, and those people are fools.

if the Sox get the big unit, steinbrenner will just get someone else. the cubs cant survive such an arms race. they can, but they wont.

it’s my opinion that its completely in the best interest of the Cubs to totally lay low and not wake the sleeping giants who are the yankees and who are up some 7 games in the East.

they dont need to stack the deck any more against either the Sox or the Cubs.

what the Sox need to do is trade their man Lowe and some others to Houston and get the Rocket back where he belongs.

after that piazza-aided schellacking that he took in the all star game, im sure clemens would like nothing more than to retun to boston, join up with a real rotation, and beat the team who let him go.

this of course would inspire the yanks to make a bid for the big unit, but perhaps if the cubs really did get cabrera for prospects, they might be willing to move greg maddux, glendon rusch, and kyle farnsworth to the diamondbacks and pay johnson for a half a season.

but thats me, mr. vegas.

danielle + sk smith + andy dolan

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