today is jeff jarvis’s 50th birthday

creator of Entertainment Weekly, creator of the Daily Stern, and inventor of the word Blook, jarvis’s the buzzmachine is one of my favorite blogs and one of my daily reads.

i like the buzzmachine because jeff blogs the way you should: often, in detail, with links, and with good analysis.

i like that he has comments and keeps his stats public.

i like that he tries not to say fuck because his kids read his blog,

but sometimes he says fuck anyway

and i like that even better.

whats great about his comments is that he proves that even if you get 12,000 hits a day that doesnt mean that you will get a ton of comments, and those that you get wont neccisarilly be all that intelligent.

it makes me grateful that even though i get less than ten percent of his hits, i get on average more comments and most of them are more-enlightening.

i would like to see a few more pictures on jeffs blog. i would like to see him talk a little more about why he likes Howard Stern. and i would like him to encourage his commentors to write better comments and quit hiding behind fake email addresses.

i would also like to see him get a sit down interview with Stern and publish it on his blog.

other than that, i think the blogosphere is grateful for his centrist views on politics, and his hands-on opinions on technology.

and no one has covered the Stern vs FCC battle in greater detail, and for that we should all give him praise on his birthday.

as 9/11 was the impetus for many “warbloggers” to find their nitche, i might say that jeff found his when Howard was dropped by Clear Channel several months back.

and today mr. jarvis is 50…

i remember my 50th birthday…

WWII was in full swing and i was helping the cause by collecting nylons from the ladies in the neighborhood.

the cubs had assembled a mighty fine team and movies cost two cents.

ah the good old days.

Jeff Jarvis’s BuzzMachine

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