whats muhammad ali supposed to be teaching me?

seriously, no bullshit, cuz a few of you love to bullshit. a few of you love to see old muhammad there, the champ, shaking around like hes gotta dance, and you act like every move he makes is a miracle.

i love champ. dont get me wrong, cuz a few of you love to get me wrong. but sometimes i get the feeling that you let someone else do your thinking. but am i crazy to think that if i ended up being this kickass dude. the symbol of masculinty and strength, that i would rather just sit in my rocking chair and keep the effects of parkinsons to myself.

theres probably something wrong with me for not wanting to be on tv like that, but we’ve always known theres something wrong with me.

still i want to know what im supposed to learn from him.

that will cant be broken. that humanity is deeper than appearences. that strength is in the heart. that we still havent cured everything yet. that life is precious and should be lived to the fullest every second of the day.

am i a dick for sorta getting that already?

ali’s life is so complex i doubt any of us will ever come close to understanding even a day of it. born poor, rose, won, triumphed, led, said fuck you to the war, went to jail, returned and won again, and again, and then the fall, and then the sickness, and then the olympic torch, and now this.

is the message to keep fighting all the way to the end. that life isnt about rocking chairs when youre the greatest of all time.

that living means living even in the late rounds




that truly living means having one more

rope a dope

left in ya.

and then


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