she says she wants to do me

but then says she cant because of her boyfriend. who’s not even her real bf. its so complicated.

everything in hollywood is drama. have i ever told you that?

so few people are banging the people that they should be banging, and i will tell you this right now, most these hos should be banging me. and yet im banging the keyborad.

shes tall. thin legs. almost not even there. whisps of legs. she wraps them around me and throws her head back and eyes roll in the back of her flawless face and her mouth opens and she says the best things.

and we go at it. and it doesnt end. pictures fall from the walls. stars fall from the sky. universes implode on itself and then regenerate.

and then we eat chimmy changas. or however you spell it.

oh look at this. now shes im’ing me saying she doesnt want to cheat. she wants to cheat. and its not cheating anyhow cuz she wants me. im not being conceiting, im being real. she wants it and she should. its great and it always has been.

problem was there was no hollywood drama and the bitches in LA first of all, are crazy, but secondly are not satisfied unless theres drama in the hizzy and this lonely beastie doesnt play that shit. im like mary j, no drama.

how hard is it to pick up the phone and go, ring ring ring, hey tone wanna bone? sure hottie. come over and bring some chicken. and then drink and eat and bone and drink and eat and bone and pass out? pretty easy.

am i the only sane person in this city?

i think i am.

me, i dont know, i think id not only keep shaq, who still has a year on his contract, and tell kobe to blow me, and trade his ass for vince carter tracy mcgrady shawn marion or somewhoe who sees the value of playing with the biggest baddest bigman ever.

similarilly i see the value of having me around. problem is all these girls want to tie me down. they all want me to be their man. exclusively. and i dont mind being someones boyfriend if im feeling it. and i wont unless i do feel it. and that turns some hot chicks off. but i wont commit to anything unless i know i can commit. call me crazy.

which im sure you would if you see this shit that wants me but wont have me because i wont play the fools game.

im feeling sick again.

you cant go down again.

i wish the cubs would win.

i suck at everything.

in other news tonight is baseball’s allstar game and i sorta wanted to watch it alone anyway.

sunrise times + sceithire + jennifer

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