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ive watched every season of big brother, real world, and survivor. i love them all.

this seasons big brother was very exciting during the first month and a half when they had some very evil houseguests who were fun to hate, and several pretty good twists.

the first twist that cbs laid on the contestants for the half million dollar prize was that two of the houseguests were actually related, unbeknownst to the each other. when it was revealed early in the game it had very little effect on the outcome since the brother (Cowboy, pictured right) and the sister (Nikomis, not pictured) were so radically different people that they didnt like each other anyway and tried to vote each other out as the game went on.

the second twist was near brilliant. two twins had been secretly playing at the same time pretending to be one. they switched every few days. not only was it compelling television, but it showed you how clueless most people are that even in the confined space of a small house they cant tell the difference between one person and another solely because they look alike.

when it was revealed after 5 weeks that they were indeed twins and they could both play as seperate contestants it backfired on the identical young women as they insulated themselves freaking out their friends who voted them out immediately. first one, and then the week later the other was gone.

meanwhile prettyboy Drew (pictured, left) was wooing the ladies, befriending the men, winning Head of Household contests, and playing the game perfectly.

at the same time, okey-dokey cowboy kept under the radar, aligning himself with all the right people at all the right times. he didnt screw up, infact the sole time that he won head of household couldnt have come at a better point in the game for him.

when both Drew and Cowboy made it to the final two, it seemed like a simple choice to me: give it to the bucked toothed okie and his new family and let the pretty boy get his abecrombie contract.

the vote was close: 4-3 with the cool gay guy Wil voting for drew.

i was disapointed.

people were saying that Cowboy didnt contribute, look at his great one-liners that no writers could have given him this year: (via rtvp)

I am nervousing

I will tell Nakomis she is being used as a Pond

I like blonde brunettes

I am about to shove that nose up your smile

Pictures are everything.. they say over 100 words, or more

Scott: Hey you wanna pass 20 minutes? Cowboy, say the alphabet

Let the chips lay where they lay or fall.. however you pronounce it

If I don’t get a TV deal out of this I at least want to be in a soap opera

I am thinking about going to medical school if the actoring don’t work out

I like to entertain and help people, so I will be an actor and a doctor

If I took her to a hockey game she would go

You don’t even spend two hours with us anymore Jase.. you didn’t play putt-putt with us tonight

I want some “why-whist-cherry” sauce on my burger

Big Brother: What’s your favorite western?

Cowboy: Mickintawk.. Millinnock.. McTinlock.. awww.. Lonesome Dove

Cowboy: What do toilet paper and John Wayne have in common?

Everyone: What?

Cowboy: They’re both rough and tough and don’t take shit off nobody


Adria: But.. doesn’t toilet paper take shit off people?

I didn’t do so good on the.. on the bouncy

If I dated Hillary Duff I’d be rocking the cradle

The Discovery Channel is too slow-paced for me

(on sex): It’s not how big the worm is.. it’s how you wiggle it

Mexico don’t have no Olympic team!

Karen: Good night, Cowboy.. see you tomorrow

Cowboy: I’ll be here

but mostly i was disappointed by CBS who gave us a lame-ass finale.

* why didnt we they interview the houseguests to explain why they voted for who they voted for?

* where was the family reunion between Cowboy and his long lost father?

* why didnt they talk to some of the previous winners who were in attendence to find out what they’ve done with their half mil?

* so many of the houseguests hate each other, and two of the chicks who didnt even make it into the jury are pretty hot: why not give them a little more face time?

* where was diane’s twin? why didn’t they interview drew’s twin and ask him if drew’s gonna split the money with him?

* why didnt they interview Cowboy’s wife and kid? what about Cowboy’s friends back home?

* why do you insist on keeping that humorless scarecrow julie chen as host?

next time instead of the one-hour finale, why not make it a two-hour next time to take care of these loose ends. when you present a show for a whole season dont just end it and leave your audience hanging. reward their loyalty and they will reward you with coming back next season.

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