the bachelor


i seriously dont believe it.

the bachelor doesnt suck this year.

after years of wondering why men dont want to watch pretty boys get their way with hoards of hot women on a tv gameshow, this season they gave america charlie o’connell, b-list nobody jerry o’connell’s brother.

who is charlie o’connell? fuck if i know. but hes not jerry o’connell’s better looking or smarter brother, thats for damn sure.

and thats why this year it doesnt suck.

sure hes tall and vaguely resembles his brother, but hes got a big deep goofy voice and hes easilly distracted by cheerleaders, fake tits, and blondes, and its obvious.

so obvious that right in the middle of a date, one of the women said seacrest out and split.

it doesnt take a rocket scientist to understand that handsome rocket scientists getting swooned over isnt fun for non rocket scientist non male models to watch

and these millionaire dudes arent being good to these bachlorettes either. so why not charlie o’donnell who is better than average looking, bastard, but isnt getting nba cheerleader strange, or getting faught over by models.

yes, these women are falling in love and then fighting over him.

its awesome.

theyre cheating, theyre snapping at each other, theyre dissing each other while holding roses.

for a dude who lives in his brothers house.

everyone knows that porn features some of the fugliest men that help you focus on the women

this years bachelor makes it very easy to focus on the ladies

which is great,

cuz all those bitches crazy.

its hot.

bunny suicides + via rhodester + perfect pear

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