each quarter the busblog star chamber meets

to discuss the accomplishments and failures of the worlds most well spellchecked blog.

this quarter we met at the world famous pump room in chicago where we went over the chart to your left.

one man stood up and said, as you can see, the hits of the busblog have tripled since last year.

another man stood up and said, yes, but last year he was only getting 1,000 hits on average per day, which really isnt very much.

a woman rose and said that 1,000 hits a day was actually pretty good last year.

a giraffe craned its neck and belched. it sounded like he was saying bullshit.

an important looking old man did not stand up but looked at me and asked if i can explain the record-setting month that i have just experienced?

i said that like in many quarters i have no clue why more and more people are coming to my blog.

then a very nice looking woman stood up and via a powerpoint presentation showed us that this month, despite taking a week off to enjoy sxsw, due to heavy traffic induced links (and a subsequent victory) at the bloggie awards, a trio quartet of singaporian powerhouses, canadian rock star matthew good, a flattering photo essay by the inventors of blogger and audblog, and the enduring popularity of the “how to blog” post, the busblog eclipsed 100,000 page views for the first month ever.

at which point i stood up and said, i also think it has something to do with the hundreds of much much smaller blogs who link to me every day.

the giraffe sneezed, but i said, no im serious, yes its nice to have those spikes from cute chicks across the sea and from award programs and for being mentioned in big sites, but if you have a consistant and growing base of real bloggers and readers then the spikes only add to an already nice head-start.

people were falling asleep so i farted and everyone laughed.

and then i looked at the camera and i said, from the bottom of all of our hearts we here at the busblog are so grateful to everyone who has linked to this blog and everyone who has ever visited here.

thank you. thank you. and thank you.

morland + simpleton + wunderdog

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