it could be her friends,

her family, her chamber maids, her eux du toilette, her como say deecey, her little french twist, her smooth smooth skin, it could have been anything

and logic i whispered has no place here. here meaning love. in the parking lot of midnight tacos at dinner time. she was sobbing just a little bit cuz thats what you do when youre little red hottie girl with a wolf riding shotgun with a paw on your lap. whispering is the only way.

you can get close. you can take your time. its not like she talks all that much when shes scared anyway, its not like she can say what she wants to say so i hiss away the bad vibes.

the devil doesnt wear a red suit and knock on your door with strippers and bags of golden coins i tell her inbetween licks to her lobes. only gentlemen knock.

no he sits in wax of your ear and tunes into your station and says the worst things

you two arent meant for each other

he thinks youre fat

his alabama black snake’ll split you in half

youre just one of a long line of princesses. just one.

and he doesnt need a roomful of chimps to type up his best material cuz his shit writes itself. just serve em up. age weight riches bitches smarts sex drugs rock.

and she finally says in such a little tone

tiny tone

how do you ignore it?

sometimes i’ll just look at her.

sometimes she’ll look right back at me.

sometimes i look at her and soak it all in, cuz it is a dream, they tell me, but i soak it in anyway cuz i dont dream.

i whisper

you cant ignore them. theyre there. you just have to make songs out of their words

or poems

or blogs.

and whenever you can,

kiss the girl.

kitty bukkake + raymi + robby + anna banana

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