people are linking me from all over the world

and people are linking to me from here in los angeles. and all of it is very nice. and someone in texas asked me if it caused me a little pressure to keep on with the good shit and i said baby ive never written any good shit so wheres the pressure.

so today starts selfish sunday where i can write anything i want. and by that i mean i can write about all the things that the demons in my head tell me that i cant write. and by that i mean i can also write in the styles that the little negative voices in my head say i shouldnt write.

the negative voices in your head, my recently xgirlfriend has taught me, are indeed little demons and not from the Lord and not Good and not Helpful and not Loving and not Productive and not American.

telling someone that they cant do something or that they shouldnt do something or that they’re better off Not doing something especially on something as fleeting and dumbass and faddish as blogs are not only ridiculous but worthy of being ignored.

while in texas at a show someone approached me and shook my hand and praised my blog and handed me what looked to be a lit peace pipe. never one to decline a generous offer i took the pipe and pulled a long drag. very little came out. the gentleman saw my dilema and reached into his pocket for a thin long metal device. it looked like the tip of a metal hanger. he took the device and declogged the pipe. and when i tried it again i recevied a full helping of aromatic smoke.

i want to be that declogger for you.

for all of you.

but mostly me.

pushing all that crap out that perhaps started off as wellintentioned “tobbacco” but turned into something that made you strain and pause and suck.

clean your mind of all the crud thats collected there, light the resin on fire, draw in the bad and type out the bad.

the Libras are represented by the scales. some say its because we want fairness, which we do, but for me it means that although we cause change and cull change and welcome change, when it actually happens we need a few minutes to collect our thoughts and get our shit together.

its a lot like if you have a bag full of money on one side of the scales and a goat on the other and you yank that goat off and put a lemur on there. the scales will get all rattled but eventually it will level off and chill and finally end up cool as ice.

i really needed to mellow out yesterday and i got that and it was so nice to crawl over to the computer and see all the nice people who have said nice things about this blog and me, and i appreciate it.

eida shomah mobarak + fat free milk + frozen toothpaste + fil

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