today my savoir died.

and while he was dying, and perhaps we’ve discussed this before, but he yelled out something that makes his death believable.

the bible has a tough trick to pull when it introduces a charachter who is God but is also a man, somehow, and he is born simply to die.

the trick is making you believe that the death is really a death

because if it’s God dying – who really cares?

we care about Death because we’re just ignorant humans who dont know whats on the other side, but big deal if Jesus dies, all thats gonna happen is He gets to go back home.

therefore who cares about Him “dying” on Good Friday who cares that He will return on Easter?

all thats happening is he’s taking little trips back and forth from heaven. big whoop.

so the Bible has to do something special in this story to make us believe that Jesus’s death is real, it’s important, and it’s different than any human death, and one of the reasons that i believe in the bible is because it does do that something special.

it records Jesus on the cross yelling out after nine hours something so fascinating to even the writers that they kept it in its original aramaic

Eli, Eli, lama sabachthani

or, why hast thou forsaken me!

whats so brilliant about that line, in my opinion, is that it’s Jesus, or God, expressing pain and anguish and impatience and discomfort in a truly human manner: bitching.

i might argue that not until that moment do we see Jesus actually as a man. He’s distrustfull in that line, He doesn’t know what the frickin holdup is all about, He’s paid for all the sins – so He thinks – and now He wants to go home. those arent the feelings of the alpha and the omega these are the feelings of someone who thinks he might get the short end of the deal.

some might even say that it’s a slight moment of doubt. imagine that. a religious book about God crying out right before his death to Himself a big fat wtf. self-doubt presented in a unique manner.

non-believers sometimes call the bible propoganda written by the church and there are many ways to show this as completely false i believe that this is a prime example.

what propagandist is going to say that the messiah of the religion, on his most important day sorta freaks out for a quick second embodying the concept of desertion and aloneness right before he dies? most propagandists would have God die in a much more heroic, all-knowing and trusting way.

this death is far closer to one that you or i might have, or one that any of the other men and women who died on the cross back then.

to me when Jesus shreiks that out i finally believe that He is paying for sins, that he is sufferring, and therfore whatever superherolike abilities that He may have regarding pain are gone and He truly is a man at that point.

which makes it perfect that He dies soon after that because now His re-appearance is that much more miraculous and unlike anything that we would be able to do.

im not sure if any of you understand what im trying to describe, but there it is. happy good friday and baba booey to you all.

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