we are late to meet raspil and the deputy

i wanted to tell you a lie about a girl i didnt meet at a bar last night but im having so much fun here and none of it revolves girls twirling around my hotel room that that is the story.

one that none of you would probably believe, even though much of the fun involves rum bud amaretto baileys and jd.

the bellboy told me that all i had to do was say the word and i could use the computer in the managers office but i just stayed in my room all morning writing long hand into a legal pad and when sk picked me up to write at her house all i could think is dont lie to the good people of the internet, tell them that youre loving austin loving texas and loving the fact that something as gay as blogging could get you mad props from people around the world.

last night i passed out early even though i wanted to stay up and watch hbo like a normal person but the truth is if i dont have something to do with my hands i get very very sleepy.

i think thats why people doze off on the bus.

yesterday sk and i went to this great bbq house by her home. they had bbq sauce in the squeeze things normally reserved for ketchup. they sold to-go slices of homemade pies. they had menus under glass and thick pork ribs and soda in cans.

we ate and walked in the cold and talked about mcdonalds and i dont think of chilly texas evenings when i think of spring break vacations but thats why we live – so we can see all the little unexpected happy surprises that come around.

remember that all you barely legal know it alls who think that you can see into the crystal ball of the future. i have been to the future and i come back to you to say you dont know shit and thats the good news.

tonight we may drink with bunny mc

photo by mc brown

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