because of my former place of employment everyone thinks

that i have some magical access to the stern show archives or some inside info, and thats true but when people asked me the lyrics of the Beetlejuice Song i was all i dont even think beat himself knows the words but here is what i think hes saying

This is Beetle
he’s as bad as can
he knows he’s the best
this is Beetle he’s as bad as can
he knows he’s the best.

He’s big and he’s strong
and he knows that he’s badder
and he knows what he gets
he knows what he knows
and he knows what he have
and he knows what he is
he gets better

and he’s a tough guy
and he knows
he knows the best

howard gets his fair share of critics but one thing thats undeniable, he milks more entertainment from retards drunks and dwarves on his one little show than full blown networks get out of their entire talent department.

think about the cast of characters that Howard has brought to the airwaves over just the last few years:

stuttering john
john the stutterer
crackhead bob
hank the angry drunken dwarf
miss howard stern
high pitch eric
richard christie
gary the retard
crazy cabbie
eric the midget
capt. janks
fred the elephant boy
jeff the drunk
dan the farter
wendy the retard
daniel carver

none of these people who have brought us so much laughter would have been on tv or radio if it wasnt for howard. he knows talent when he sees it.

as beetle says, he knows what he is, he get better.

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