its one fourty four,

ive been awake for hours which means im behind in my duties so lets begin with twenty minutes with tony.

witha five minute penalty round starting now.

a few people have emailed asking what do matt good and i talk about. the question should be what did jen good and i talk about but whatev matt and i the other day talked about blogger which is one of my favorite subjects.

is it weird that ive been unemployed for over a month and ive only had one offer to work for a blogging related company? yes it is weird. and isnt it weird that i was said no to by a blogging related company? completely.

just as weird as it is that the “how to blog” rules were posted a year ago this week and new people still link to it every day. this dude from china for example totally copied it and posted it on his blog today, and linked me. thanks bro but you forgot the part about raymi. if i had to do it again i would have reread it and given her a number so people know that linking raymi is one of the rules of blogging.

jenny asked me if i looooved raymi as in did i want to steal her from fil and seduce her with my powers and i was all nah i lust love her from afar and shes one of my bloggy gods whod id pray to if it wasnt against my religion.

why isnt my email box filled with blogging related companies offering me big salaries or even little salaries and offers to consult and offers to blog for them, and offers to help out and offers and offers and offers? i am obviously super deep in to it and the blogosphere responds every day and the last time i took a day off was after i got laid off my job and before that i hadnt taken a dayoff in months.

who doesnt want to hire someone who is that passionate about something?

maybe we are at the beginging of this trend, so therefore maybe there isnt that many opportunities in there. and maybe my getawayfromme aura which has been on fullblast lately needs to ixnay a tad ay.

so me and matt were talking about blogger which we both use and we were saying that we would love to see Catagories, which i read somewhere that they were working on and it shouldnt be all that far away. i would love catagories because i would love to seperate these twenty minute deals from the ones that i sorta pay attention to from the cd reviews from the movie reviews from the photo essays from the xbi stories from the this week in rock posts.

and if i had catagories id be able to put gasp true things in here. and it would be in a catagorie called true shit.

heres some true shit. even though most of you said that youd buy my kurt kobain stories for $20, a few of you said thats a rip off since it would only be a paltry 125 pages. and yeah its true that im unemployed and close to broke, and so therefore the flowage from Migra Dan was so unexpectedly nice

105. Migra Dan

but i would like to give you back something for your efforts. and something that youd consider a good deal. so the book Stiff which will come out this month, will not only contain all those great stories of when i died,

but it will also contain the best poetry book that i ever wrote


and it will contain all of the best poems that i ever wrote that werent in Ilka, faves like “the best virgin marys”, “paul westerberg”, and “lets get it on”.

i know, youre thrilled

and it will contain the dirtiest story i ever wrote, a tale of lust, a tale of sex, a story of love and passion

and booze

and, yes, sin.

it still wont be close to 200 pages but it’s the best i can offer right now. im not going to hold back from the busblog, meaning im not going to write four things a day, put three on the blog and file the fourth away so i can come out with a book of “unreleased material”. the blog comes first, making money comes second. the purpose of my books arent to give you things that youve never read before theyre to give you the things that you like in a format that is more portable. and in this upcoming edition, to give you a nice big picture of karisa on the cover as a bonus.

that alone is worth twenty bones

twenty five autographed.

our time is done go in peace.

yes i felt the earthquake + danielle called me + antis guide to frying in highschool

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