do you know i love you?

i do.

not only did you design some killer covers for the new book that im going to come out with next week, but you are voting like crazy (btw keep voting, the polls are open till tomorrow afternoon)

but you are also buying the Brownie, you’re doing a heck of a job tshirts and mugs like crazy!

sure Wonkette sent a little traffic over here yesterday – ok ALOT of traffic – but people are actually purchasing this stuff!

i only have four items for sale, the ladie’s tee, a baseball undershirt, a regular tee, and a mug – the profit on average is about $4-$5 – and so far because of your generoisity i have raised about $200 profit to give to the Red Cross!

thats amazing to me!

i mean really, one night i was just laughing at Bushie being Bushie and after about 10 minutes on Photoshop i was able to make something that ended up getting linked and bam, money for a great cause.

this interweb shit is crazy!

so yes i love you, thank you for being part of this busblog deal. it really wouldnt be the same without you, and together we can do some incredible stuff and dont think for a minute that im not grateful and thankful for your contributions.

it’s out of that respect that i try not to ask too much of you, other than to be patient with me as i try to keep this caliope rumblin down the road.

and btw, although i do have a hard time replying to email all the time, or phone calls, i do appreciate you trying to help the content of this blog.

for example, yes i have been noticing that the instapundit hasnt mentioned BrownGate in the last three days (his resignation, Bush’s lie to the press that he didnt know he had resigned, or the fact that DuctTapeMan will replace him). yes i understand that the Roberts confirmation process is important, but FEMA suddenly isnt (isnt that sort of thinking what got Bushie in trouble in the first place?)

and yes ive noticed that the good professor hasnt mentioned the President admitting for the first time in his two terms that he fucked up.

and yes ive noticed how many times in the last three days he’s mentioned The Busses in the flooded out lot: 5 times.

and of course i saw how the Instapundit found the one poll that made it look like his numbers are “improving”.

thats some serious blogging over there, kids. thanks for the heads up but im way ahead of you.

now watch this drive.

britney has a boy + homeland security chief to blame too + zulieka

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