some dipshit dittohead fuck from nowhere

the other day, not even on this blog, told me that i should quit talking politics and stick to what “made” me, writing about chicks.

i hate idiots.

the busblog started a month before 9/11. there was a post or two that july, a post or two that august, and for some reason i started getting into the groove early september, and then when 9/11 happened i made a few photo essays including “dear kids of afghanistan” whose anniversary is today or tomorrow or sometime, fuck i dont know.

i wanted to tell the chump, “dude ive been writing politics since youve been sucking your mommas dick.”

but you cant argue with these people.

why even bother.

the sad truth is, id love to write about pussy again. who wouldnt? id love to tell you about hanging out at the rokbar patio just waiting for the friends of the friends to get sloppy and knowing that everything is about being in the right place at the right time, knowing that when youre around twenty fratboys with good clothes who wont stop talking that you have to stop talking and pussy will just fall in your lap.

you dont think ive got stories to tell? of course i have stories to tell.

the reason hannity jr wants me to change the subject is the same reason the professor wont bring up the subject and the exact same reason

every single republican senator yesterday voted Against having a bipartisan independent Katrina Commission to find out who goofed and when.

and this is after the president admitted that he goofed.

and after Brownie stepped downie.

and after the Louisiana governor accepted responsibility.

everyone is doing the right thing except Senate and the instapundit and the people who support this sort of partisan bullshit.

all the righties are so gungho about John Roberts, and everyone thinks theyre so cute with all their gayass baseball metaphors, and everyone is climbing all over themselves to kiss each others asses about how “fair” he’s going to be

but these are the same motherfuckers who yesterday were asked, basically, “hey Katrina is gonna cost America $200 billion, and a killer town. a half million americans if not more are displaced, lives are ruined, neighboring cities will be changed forever, and at the center of it was a three-way orgy of fuckups where one group was clearly trying to outfuckup the other two – lets find out with a bipartisan 9/11-Commission-type group why this bizarre phenomenom happened and how we can prevent it from happening ever again because next time it might not be a hurricane that creates it, it might be a dirty bomb, or a nuke, or some crazy shit that we dont see coming two days out.”

and every single Republican said, “we dont want a fair commission, Mrs. Clinton. fuck you, and fuck America. we’re terrified what you might find out. you might become president, but we sure as hell arent going to help you get there. sheeet.”

and drudge isnt talking about the cockblock, and little green footballs isnt talking about the cockblock, and my favorite blogger is instead talking about the conspiracy theory between the washington post and the new york times.

what are these fucking pussies worried about? the good shit wont come out till four years after the event anyways – and by then nobody gives a crap. did anyone today stand up and say, “so wait, Condi totally lied to us when she said in 5/02: “I don’t think anybody could have predicted that these people would take an airplane and slam it into the World Trade Center.” and thats why the president has been trying to hide these facts. as if the pdb wasnt enough to grill them.

why vote against a bipartisan independent commission? nothing grills these people. and noone gets voted out, and noone gets fired, and the spin machine either spins or simply ignores things that theyd rather not pay attention to.

theyd rather talk about britneys new son. pms federloin. theyd rather talk about the fact that the president needs to take a leak sometimes. theyd rather talk about anyone else to blame except for the homeland security asswipe or the president, or themselves.

i wanna talk about pussy just as much as the next guy, but if i do, then im just as bad as the dittoheads who bury their heads.

everyone i know donated money and clothes and time and effort to help these evacuees. why we wouldnt want to get to the bottom of this is beyond me. and the fact that the republicans dont want to do it in a fair manner should tell you that its because they know the truth, and just like all the pages that remain redacted, they dont want to show us the truth.

which is funny cuz it appears that talking about todays republicans and those who support them is talking about pussy.

so i guess ive accepted your request dipshit.

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