i hear tell that we at buzznet have some competitors

gnarls barkley who dont like us. which i find odd because some of them have nothing to do with what we do.

for example we allow regular users to post up to 120 photos a month and over 1,000 a year and they only allow 12 total.

obviously they have some advantages over us like tens of millions more users, plus all those child molesters at no extra charge.

im just kidding. no seriously. that was a joke.

honestly some of my best friends have accounts on some of our competitor’s sites, infact i even have an account at one of the sites, myspace.

to me the internet is like a huge shopping mall. a super huge one. one in which you can buy an ac/dc shirt at target or hot topic or sears or the record store and even though its basically the same product, you feel slightly different about your experience depending on where you’re getting it.

for example, as much as i love the 99 cents store, and even though i love luncheon meats, and even though here in California our health department is so anal that they put A B or C ratings on any establishment that sells food, i have a very hard time buying 99 cent luncheon meat.

i think the same goes for buzznet and myspace and all the others – each destination is a slightly different experience physcologically.

as you know im a huge fan of raymi, but for some reason i find myself spending far more time on her blogspot account than her buzznet or myspace pages. sure i will go to her buzznet deal every day to see what video she has up and i might drop by her myspace to see what crazy comments she gets from people, but pretty much the first blog i go to every day is our pallie in toronto.

therefore i sorta wish that people would get off their kick about all of us being in competition with each other because we really arent. we each have a slightly different experience to give to each visitor and i know i sound like a hippie, but, we really all can compliment each other… since we actually do.

another example. tomorrow (friday) im going to set up our tent at Coachella. yes Buzznet will have a photo uploading tent right between the Mojave and the Gobi tents, right by the Blue Room tent (map)

i love Coachella and im stoked to actually get paid to go there, take pics, help people upload their pics, dance, rock, and write about it. but as much as i love Coachella, their myspace page is sorta worthless to me. however their website, specifically their message boards, are killer for me.

similarily, i hope the Coachella Blog that i helped write (with Luke and Bunny) for Coachella was useful to those who checked it out.

and over this weekend, i totally hope that the pictures that i upload onto buzznet are of some value to those of you who enjoy great music.

see, all parts of the web can co-exist and there can be many winners.

similarily anyone who is here in LA friday night, i understand that Gnarls Barkley is having a secret show at the Roxy, first come first served. me, i will be checking out kid rock in palm springs.

peace out my homies.

and ps, all the people who have been super cool to me over the last few weeks, i totally appreciate it. its been a blessing to me and you have no idea what its meant to me.

lindsay + amy + zulieka + hey krista, i played montage at the wedding last week!

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