some home runs for your ass

first we have a band from SF called citizens here and abroad who are playing at Spaceland tonight around 9pm for FREE. they come highly recommended by mr jason shellen who has a strange knack of picking winners, so give them a shot.

then over at Buzznet we have a video of Venezeualian President Hugo Chavez calling George W. Bush a donkey. i think the word he’s looking for is “ass” but you know how complicated english is. lord knows i do. anyways he also keeps calling him Mr Danger which sorta makes Bushie seem cooler than he should be. regardless its a call-out like i havent seen in a long time.

also at Buzznet there is a second-angle of the jfk shooting, oh check that, its a second angle of Pitt being launched, as well as Phil opening beer bottles with his nuts. both courtesy of NY Mike. the videos, not the nuts.

back in blogland, i havent linked Flagrant for a while because her small text is so annoying, but all you have to do is hit Alt + or Apple + or something and it will end up the size that we humans can read. shes still got it. shes never lost it. she is either my #1 or #2 favorite blogger depending on the weather. even though she delinked me, even though she doesnt return my emails, even though she might not love me any more. i dont care. if she reads this: baby i heard Sondre Loche or however you spell it on kcrw and he/she is great and i saw that they were playing at the Troubador this weekend and i hope you went. oh and i love the new morrissey, i hope youve heard it.

down in the heart of texas Leah had a wedding shower that was ultra cute. i know i haave a lot of female readers here, so for you i send you this link.

oh i forgot… rememember on Idol when Mandisa got kicked off, losing to that no talent white dude? rumor has it that some racist yelled out the N-word after Seacrest announced the winner. like the chick said “Good! Ni—r!” well Fox bleeped out the offensiveness but some people swear that if you watch this video you can hear the drop out of audio and you can tell from the reaction of the crowd that someone yelled it out. i cant. but i did a lot of acid in ‘nam.

also if you want to see pics of me and pitt and chad at the blue jays game and nerding around Toronto, those are here, including the pic i took above of Travis Lee blasting the game winning dinger. yeah im a great photographer, you can admit it.

for the rest of youse, we will talk about the Sopranos tomorrow, so keep your comments to yourself until then. until then lets all send chavez little postcards with pronunciation guides as to how to say “ass”.

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