there were lots of kids at the wedding this weekend

in fact everywhere i go there are kids. i was at the post office this morning and there was the cutest girl with a little baby who was just crying and crying and crying and i was thinking i can barely make it to the post office in the morning how on earth would i be able to do it with a screaming kid in my arms?

i respect my friends who have kids. and my sister. and i have no idea how my mom raised me and my sister alone. fucking a. because of that when i look around at my nephew and neice who look a lot like me, and when i see kids who are being super cool i think to myself, see i dont need to procreate, the human race is doing quite well.

i see new schools being built all around hollywood. i see cute mexican ladies carrying their babies down the road. i see latin maids strollering the white kids down the sidewalks of beverly hills. i see the outlaw bitch’s nephew working hard as a cabbie in toronto (pictured).

the interesting thing is when i was in college i was totally ready to have a wife and kids. i was super ready. or so i thought. and i asked my girlfriends every day to make that dream come true and i know this is going to sound like rationalization but i know God loves me because he never let those girls say yes.

this year ive gotten to travel to three different countries. ive gotten to make out with women far out of my league. and ive gotten to stay up as long as ive wanted and sleep in pretty much whenever i pleased.

heres the plan for the rest of this week. lost tonight. sleep early on thursday. early drive to palm springs on friday, kid rock on friday night at a casino in palm desert, coachella all weekend at the buzznet party house in the desert.

how on earth could i have done that with kids?

on a different topic the sopranos were great on sunday. sad but great.

ok basart tune out cuz im gonna talk about the sopranos from two sundays ago.

the one where the fat guy had to drive away from jersey on account of being gay.

my girl danielle tells me that they werent in new hampshire or wherever it was where the state motto is Live Free or Die. that they were actually in her old town in jersey. its just gorgeous there.

anyways that episode was one of the funniest tv shows ive ever seen and a definate Sopranos classic. rarely do i watch any tv show twice in a row, but i did last week. and laughed through both sittings.

sunday i laughed a little but it was sad. i kept thinking is bro gonna get killed because they keep saying someone is going to be killed.

im thinking tony’s son is gonna get killed cuz that fat kid is never in any episodes and if they were smart theyd kill him so there could be a nice little mafia war.

not that they need a reason to do it.

anyways i feel for tony. it clear how much he loves food and it sucks that his go-to grub joint blows.

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