when it rains it pours,

and even if it doesnt pour in LA when it rains here its the lead story on tv and its on the cover of the paper and theres Team Coverage and people crash into each other more than usual on the freeways

and its the talk of the town and i blog about how stupid everyone is talking about it.

when it rains my directv doesnt work because i have it set up all horrible and my mailbox is connected to the wooden crate that its attatched to and it gets wet so today i just said fuckit and moved the crate under some shelter so when the mailman comes my magazines and lust letters dont get soaked.

they’ll still get soaked cuz as tom waits said its raining hammers its raining nails and my mailman doesnt love me. do you love me? i love me.

better that it rains now instead of a month from now when we will all be at coachella and a bird on the line tells me that the suprise that was supposed to happen once upon a time got leaked out and thats too bad. but maybe its for the best.

im wearing my amsterdam soccer warmup jersey listening to the good tunes that the young people are playing here in the office and not long ago i was the cool young kid playing the sweet jams but time passes quickly and before you know it youre the oldest dude in the whole room, and it makes you wonder if you still have the biggest dick.

can we talk about the sopranos yet? two guys on the howard stern show gave it A+ and id have to give it that too. classic episode. they kept saying how funny it was but i thought it was deep, not funny, maybe it was funny. i will watch it again tonight as i make a tape of it for Danielle.

dear readers in san diego. why arent you all banging down danielles door? is everyone homosexual down there? theres nothing wrong with that but seriously, wtf. if she wasnt the wrong sign id be all up in that blonde shit but Brezney doesnt lie.

ok its lunchtime i heart you, i need you, i want you.

please dont ever change. except in san diego.

change everything in the 619.

except for the gaslight district.

and dick’s.

and TJ

and baja.

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