rarely do i quote an entire blogpost,

but my mom told me she never clicks the links or even clicks the embedded video

so heres the best thing that i read about my new gig today

from the good people at the martini republic:

June 8th, 2006

We thought just a few days ago that LAist might be well-served by becoming “a real blog” and turning away from bulletin-boarding and publicity.

Turns out that’s exactly what they’ve done:

Tony Pierce to edit LAist

Pierce’s busblog is a letters-at-3 a.m. styled ramble that often excavates deep within the author’s consciousness. In fact, the less conscious Pierce is, the more willing to report on his own consciousness he seems to be.

He’s also appreciably progressive in political outlook and is not afraid to mix it up with the rightwingers.

He doesn’t seem controllable, which may piss off the Gothamist Home Office but admittedly works well for blogging. In fact, his whole blogging raison d’être, recently examined in LAWeekly, seems less an attempt to attract attention than a need to locate a psychic flood channel for his uncontrollable blogging surges.

The thought of him toiling as editor is a delightfully messy one. It’s like asking the firebug to become the fire chief. We’re going to watch this blog. Changes are coming immediately after Tuesday, when Pierce takes them helm.

there was also a metafilter thread + la observed wished me well + some comments on laist were very sweet

today im trading in my summer vacation for a paid summer vacation,

as tonight at an undisclosed tavern, carolyn kellogg, editor of the laist is going to whisper the alarm code of la to me and i will take over the fine website.

i actually accepted on tuesday, 6/6, and it still hasnt sunk in.

quite possibly the most perfect job i could be asked to do. cover la. completely. ridiculously. relentlessly. humorously. in a way no one could have ever conceived.

while giving great new writers photographers and artists a chance to have their killer work seen.

while putting los angeles back on the map.

what does this mean for the busblog? well, it means there will be way fewer posts. like maybe only one a day. thats because im going to be posting like a mad man over at laist. like theres no tomorrow. because, there really isnt a tomorrow. so live for the day. or the light change. or something. fine, dont live. i dont care. but there will be fewer busblogging.

laist doesnt really have an office, so i will be working from my hollywood bachelor pad, and i will start accepting offers to blog from pools and hottubs around los angeles. harry caray is my hero and the days when he would work from the bleachers were the best days ever.

i will be reporting from the pit and vip sections of great rock shows. i will be photographing from every beach and flashpoint that i can find. i will be interviewing owners and operators of roach coaches, boutiques, and 98 cent stores from all over this fine city.

there will be traditional stories, audio interviews, video, and holograms. not only will we change the way people group blog, but you will see our so called competition stealing from our innovations.

i say “so called” not out of disrespect but because we are all neighbors and comrades and this city is big enough for all of us. and by this city i mean the valley, the rest is laists.

but seriously i want to thank all the people who offered me condolences. i want to thank all the people who rooted me on and said positive things that never sank in. so many of you said that something great would happen for me and i didnt believe it. but you were right.

i want to thank all the people who offered me jobs, especially mr canter. and all the people who tried to hook me up with other people, especially dr searls.

but i totally want to thank carolyn kellogg who had the faith in me to put in a good word for me to my new boss jake dobkin and of course i want to thank jake for taking a chance on me.

i have great respect for carolyn, and jason toney who was the editor before carolyn. i will be leaning on both of them for advice and guidance to help me make the laist the greatest blog about a city ever.

and im going to need a little help from my friends. of course.

and i might need some help from you, like be patient with me for a few months as i figure out what the hell is going on.

after my meeting tonight im going to drive to vegas and buy a macbook, then im going to drink and tan, then i believe my first day at laist is on tuesday.

pray for me. pray for all of us.

but especially say a prayer for the unpaid college interns

of whom i will begin accepting resumes from shortly.

bloggingla was nice to me this summer too + fishbowl la is looking for an editor + it’s still jeffs birthday