to the right we have exhibit a

ray whitney of the carolina hurricanes screaming FUCKING RAD (or FUCKING RIGHT, my intern is analyzing the audio) on national tv in the middle of prime time tv.

for my children to hear.

now we all understand why he’s screaming and smiling and cursing, bro just won the stanley cup in the seventh game, 14 yr veteran and two-time all star who had never been on a stanley cup winner before – of course he’s going to say the f word.

but unfortunately he said it when children were awake, he said it on free television, and he said it during an event that American children love to watch: stanley cup hockey.

now you might be saying, “but he didnt say ‘fuck’ he said ‘fucking’ he used it as an adjective or adverb or something. and he said it exhuberantly.”

but then i would have to remind you of one mr bono hewson who in 2003 won, with his band, a golden globe award and exhuberantly said, “fucking brilliant”.

that was a more than a year before the janet jackson + justin timberlake super bowl, but if you recall, after the superbowl chairman powell announced that they had reversed their decision on bono and said that although they wont fine him, that there would be “substantial” fines in the future because it’s an offensive, indecent, and obscene word.

Heres some of the things Powell said on the day they reversed the Bono decision

* For the first time, the Commission has applied the profanity section of the statute for the broadcast of this highly offensive word

* The Commission has an important obligation to punish those who violate our law…

* Given that today’s decision clearly departs from past precedent in important ways, I could not support a fine retroactively against the parties

* Prospectively, parties are on notice that they could now face significant penalties for similar violations.

what’s also interesting is this utterance comes four days after bush signed legistlation that upped the max fine from $32,500 to $325,000 per station. a few months back CBS got dinged $3.3 mil because they had to cover 111 stations that ran the simulated teen orgy on Without A Trace that i must get my hands on. which means if new fcc chairman Kevin Martin agrees with powell, bro’s f-bomb could be the most expensive one of all at over $30 million.

which it has to be

because he said it on abc at 8:10pm pacific time

right after my littlest one cleared her plate of spaghetti-o’s and had walked into my study to show me her achievement.

they must fine nbc $30 million. and they must do it for the kids.

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