its 1:10pm.

i woke up a half hour ago, took a shit, went through some email. and now im about to write to you.

i give you these details, especially the times, because i know that im not going to be able to sleep till noon for much longer. which is ok. really. if i wanted to sleep till noon i would never have left frisco.

when i worked for the dot com i was the first guy to work the graveyard shift, and i also worked the 6am shift. sleepings for suckers.

tomorrow is my true loves birthday. (pictured). shes in africa saving the world. im pretty sure she isnt doing any sleeping till noon but what do i know. i dont even know what the time difference is over there which is why im putting her picture up today just incase its tomorrow already over there.

if theres one person who would be stoked at my new job it would have been chris. i say the reason we broke up was because i never wanted to go out. i didnt because i was totally satisfied with her there. and my computer. and my television. but if i had had a job where i had to be out in the city every day i think she would have loved to have been out there with me.

heres one thing that i will be instituting: i will be inviting the dude from laobserved, the dude from los anjealous, sean dave koga and all the kids of bloggingla, welch, franklin ave, laobserved, and various special guests to all go have a drink together once a month. if bloggingla doesnt show we’re gonna talk shit about them. jk. there will be no more bullshit drama within the la blog community. and if there is any, i will make fun of it. i have a very high post-quota, so i dare you to give me something to make fun of.

but what id rather have is a friendly monthly drinking night where we learn to love each other and use bots to cheat at online poker.

here are the enemies of the laist: dumb stories, bad stories, boring stories, bad pictures, dumb pictures, boring pictures, dial up, george steinbrenner, any member of the soul patrol.

no matter what does, they will never be on that list. theyve been too good to me over the years, i like them too much, and it would be, as the kids say so politically incorrectly, gay.

some of my best friends are politically incorrect.

so in honor of my best friend whose in africa, whose birthday is tomorrow but it might be today, lets follow the advice given to us from her favorite movie: be excellent to each other.

im off to vegas to review the hooters hotel and casino.

sploid + linked to me yesterday + la voice said some very nice things