ashley doesnt believe i miss her.

but i do.

she writes about xboyfriends, but never me.

she links to all of her friends on her page, but theres no love for the busblog.

not anywhere in the world will you see more photos and stories and tributes to the daisy girl from vegas than on but she doesnt care. and i guess i should be cool with that since we havent been together for years, but i have a near-perfect record with my exes, and i still care very much about her.

right before i started being the editor of the LAist i drove to Vegas to have my last weekend of “freedom” because i knew my life would be over once i took this gig. on the way out there i called her up to invite her to dinner at one of the fancy hotel/casinos. no answer, i left a message for her. she called back to tell me that she was actually on her way out to LA that weekend to hang out with her sisters.

while in the desert i accomplished everything that i wanted: i drew up a detailed plan for LAist, i wrote, i partied, i made out with a stripper with a tounge pierce. i even won at the slots. perfect.

so on the drive west back to the city of angels i called up ashley to find out if she too was on the road so that we could meet somewhere out there and not be two ships passing in the night. no answer. she called me the next day to tell me that her phone was off or something, but unfortunately i was on an xbi stakeout and couldnt chat.

i know we’ll be friends again. i wouldnt say we’re friends now. i know we’ll be friends once she breaks up with her dude. in fact i know the minute that it sinks in, once they break up, i will be one of the first people she calls, and she will be crying, and she will ask me to drive out to vegas, and i will, and i will forgive her for putting me on the back burner all these years. and for dissing the blog of love.

ive never claimed to be a smart man. ive never claimed to be handsome. and of all people i know what its like to be not-the-best friend. but i am idealistic and i do think that when you spend as much time together as she and i spent together, you really shouldnt throw it out the window just because some new dude is feeling you up.

but its 5:18am and im not even sleepy. i shouldnt be thinking about anything other than hitting the hay, but for a blog that swears that nothing in here is true, sometimes its hard not to tell it like it is.

tonight i wrote a headline on LAist that made me laugh for a full minute: Don’t Throw Your Baby in the Garbage. yes there is something very wrong with me for laughing. many things, probably.

and since we’re being honest with each other, allow me to share with you that i had prime rib for dinner and i eat chicken almost every damn day. very little red meat. so this prime rib fucked with my organs in a nasty way as it raced through me and i took a three-part shit as if i ate four prime ribs. and even though i had taken a shower before my dinner date, i excused myself from the hottie and took another after that epic dump. ok im out.

matt good’s blog is back and off to a hot start + raspberry + foxxy + pisan