it’s only been a few weeks

but i think im getting a hang of this full time blogging business. my sleep is way off base as i go to sleep around 5am or 6am, and lately its been closer to 7am which i really should start doing something about.

the phone usually wakes me up around noon and im groggy for about a minute and then im awake and alls good in the hood.

i got a bunch of offers of college kids who want to intern but there are only two that i think have what it takes. funny, when i was thinking of who would be good for the intern i never expected two dudes but there it is.

im sure down the road the sorority girls who sent home made chocolate chip and walnut cookies along with their resume will find something to do with their summer. as well as the others.

the cubs announced that derrek lee (pictured) will be taken off the DL and will start at first base today. ah modern drugs i mean medicine.

do you know what i want to do. i want to get an evdo deal for this laptop thats arriving in the mail. then i want to find the cheapest motel room in all of los angeles and i want to blog there for a few nights. then i want to see if a super sweet ass hotel will let me blog in one of its deluxe rooms for a night. little compare and contrast.

i also want to be a cab driver. now that theyve got those gps navigation systems for cars for as little as $500, the hard part about driving a cab is over. i wonder how cab rates have increased to match the rising gasoline costs? i bet a good cabbie could come home with a few stories for the blog. yep. and pictures.

talked to jeff whalen from tsar yesterday, he wanted to make sure that i knew about their show tomorrow night at Spaceland. i was all, dude, ive mentioned it like three times on laist, he was all whats that, and i said forget it and we talked about video games.

what did coulter do to his baby? + killer kosh + the void + j-mo