hi im in brooklyn

my car wont start

so im here at a local fish and chips place listening to Brit Rock and not watching the AL playoffs. instead im working on LAist stories and uploading videos on a site a commentor recommended called JumpCut, which it appears was recently aquired by Yahoo.

I wrote YouTube and asked them why my videos were always out of sync and they said it had something to do with Codecs, but JumpCut seems to have no problem turning my Canon generated content to proper web videos, so Jump Cut it is.

the Shell Station that AAA towed me to got very bad ratings by AJ who said that they ripped her off, so whereever you are say a little prayer for your boy because its not like im made outta money and these dudes sorta have me over a barrel so to speak.

if i can get out of here by 4:20 i hope to make it to my birthplace by 9pm. the problem seems to be electrical as the battery and alternator are fine. i knew something fishy was going on when i couldnt honk my horn, a problem in ny lemme tell ya.

yesterday i worked till 2pm, then took the subway to central park, then walked around and took pictures like a tourist of pretty much everything. theyve got rocks in central park. i dont know if man put them or God, but theyre there and its good because some people would rather sit on rocks than on the soft green grass. i guess thats one of the nice things about this city, for those who want to sit on hard rocks, they can, for those who want to sit on soft grass they can, and for those of us who like to sit on park benches with the old men we got that going for us too.

i like this fish n chippery because they dont bother you when youre sitting there typing your heart away. they figure if you need something you’ll say something.

i also like it that they have a plastic tomato for the catsup.

at this point i sorta wish i had stolen that corvette back in iowa.

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