made it to dc

i have cockroaches in my suite. not so sweet. the car dude tried to rip me off and sell me struts and a tune up and an oil change and put a battery in there without my ok. said he fixed the horn but he didnt fix the horn.

all i know is somehow i got out of there for $134 with a new battery which is outrageous but the car runs fine and im done. aj knew the dude was badnews and she was right.

last night she and i and danette all went to this great ethiopean place in the village. shes into all these exotic foods. aka not mcdonalds. so i suggested ethiopean cuz you get to eat with your hands. the service was as slow as they expected which was super weird cuz its a tiny place. but the food was kickass. afterwards we went to this really great dessert place and saw some dudes straight outta the sopranos. but when theyre real theyre scarier.

aj was super good to me while i was in ny. let me sleep in her bed. gave me keys to her pad. gave me her latest poetry book. and today i believe is danettes 24th birthday so happy birthday baby.

i got a shitton of work done at the fish n chips place as i waited for my car to get fixed. it really shouldnt take three hours to get a battery installed but thats how you work when you want me to report you to AAA.

got on the bridge as per AJs instructions, got on the other bridge, then drove through jersey and then delaware. tolls like mad. i musta paid $20 in tolls. when im president that shits outlawed. all through the west theres no tolls. except on a few bridges like the bay bridge and the golden gate. but those seriously do need maintence all the time. some of these roads were like five miles pay me.

i took a little nap about an hour into my drive outta ny cuz i was so stressed from the auto dude and had to relax but you really cant relax sleeping in a car after youve been driving cuz you dream that youre driving and sleeping. ps i hate dreams.

so here i am in baltimore or anapolis or somewhere. not really sure, all the hotels were super expensive but this was the cheapest at $114. i dont care though. i jsut want to wake up early and take in some of the sights for you then post the pics and move on to the dirty south.

while at the fish n chips the people there said i really should drive through mississippi even though everyone i know says stay away. and i dont care if i die so why not. when i dissed mississip the bartender pulled out his drivers liscense and there it was, mississip. he says dont believe the hype, that its beautiful. and definately the way to go when going to new orleans. a woman at the bar agreed and she used to live in memphis which is where im pointed to.

to get there i have to drive through knoxville which is where Philips used to be headquartered. i still have sore feelings about that company cuz they layed me off a while back and didnt do it very nicely. they tried to bring up all this shit that wasnt even true. “we understand you own” shit i wish i said. bullshit like that. it was my first big job after college. i guess it taught me to expect some crappy crap in life.

like mechanics who like to cheat, and suites that arent so suite, and chicks who dont wanna play hide the salami, and congressmen who run and hide to rehab when theyve been representing a party who always seems to be super dirty and shady but never seems to get busted for it. the other day drudge said it was the boys’ fault.

anyways enough politics, im in dc now, just art and love and music.

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